An Opened Mouth

“My mouth is enlarged over mine enemies; because I rejoice in Thy salvation.”—1 Samuel 2:1 (KJV)

Reading: 1 Samuel 2:1-10

Hannah’s mouth can now speak with confidence over or against her enemies. Formerly she had been unable to silence the cruel taunts of her adversary Peninnah. Peninnah had children, but Hannah was barren. But the Lord had helped Hannah; He had heard her prayer and had given her a son, Samuel. Now she can silence the taunts of her enemies; now she can triumph in her God. With her heart exulting in the Lord, with her horn exalted in Him, her mouth is opened wide against her enemies.

Hannah in her triumph, however, does not speak petty, bitter words. She does not return to her adversary like for like. Rather she warns the proud and the arrogant, the adversaries of the Lord. She uses her lips as instruments of truth and beauty. She speaks words of thanksgiving, love, and devotion to her God. She relates her blessing to Him; she praises Him for what He is and for what He does. She rises from a contemplation of her own triumph and felicity to a celebration of the triumph of His Anointed, the coming Messiah, on whom all her blessing depends.

May God in His providence with His blessings open wide the mouths of His people today in triumph over the enemies of their faith and of their Lord. And in their triumph may they not give utterance to petty, bitter, or proud thoughts; but may they speak profitable words of truth and love. May they praise their great and good Sovereign with joyful lips, declaring to men the sublime teachings of His Word, and magnifying their great Redeemer’s name.


Skilton, John H. Think on These Things: Bible Truths for Faith and Life. Philadelphia: Skilton House – Sowers, 1986.

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